Friday, October 14, 2016

Light Harmonic / Geek Pulse

So where do I start with this shit show? I made my initial contribution for a Geek Pulse DAC on December 8th, 2013. From that initial contribution of $299 on December 8th,  I gave these asshats a total of $2401 up to November 28, 2014. You can view the screenshots of my indiegogo contributions above. The only thing that I have ever received is the LPS4 power supply, which I received in January of 2015 (you can see an image of the shipping label below).
 This is now sitting on my audio rack and is still waiting for the probably never delivered DAC. In the meantime, they kept rolling out new products and taking in more contributions in what appears to be one big Ponzi scheme in which they have to keep new money rolling in to pay old investors. They also started selling units on Amazon when they supposedly can't even deliver to the original backers. How is that ethical at all? It's not. During all of this, they constantly lied about delivery dates, supply issues, PCB issues and any thing else that they could think of to keep the money train rolling. I finally had enough and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Light Harmonic tried to contact me about removing the complaint, but screw that. I would rather be out the money and maybe prevent someone else from wasting a bunch of their money on this shit show of a company that does business under Light Harmonic and LH Labs. I put in another ticket and they don't respond at all now, even after I said that I would removed the BBB complaint if they deliver a working unit. Which could be a huge challenge considering all the reports about pops and crackles, plus dead units. Larry Ho? Yeah, you're a ho alright.