Saturday, August 31, 2013

Idiot drivers in Fayetteville, NC part II

Some more of Fayetteville, NC's awesome, mad driving skillz- have to laugh at these no driving, future Darwin award winning idiots. Military intelligence is the biggest oxymoron ever. The day after I took these, I saw a pickup truck going down All American Freeway with a ladder in the back. Tied down? Of course not, and it came flying out of the back of the truck, sliding down the highway. It came to a rest in the right lane, where a car stopped just before hitting it, then drove past it on the paved shoulder. Of course, he was being tailgated by three cars, with three or four more doing same in the left lane. It this close || to being a pile up, then a tractor trailer truck with a lowboy trailer with a large front end loader on it came flying down the highway. How he managed to stop without hitting any of the cars is still amazing to me, but if he did, every one of them would have deserved what they got for driving so stupidly.