Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vernon Foster Property Management

Now that I blew off some steam about the previous tenant in my house, I will take on the supposed 'property management', and I use that in the loosest possible sense. I have used Foster Realty and then Vernon Foster Property Management, as Vernon worked at the previous before starting the latter, for eight years now, and I should have listened to my ex girlfriend when she told me that Vernon would screw me sooner or later. I have had three tenants, and the property management has progressively gotten worse each time. With the first tenant, there were a couple of repairs that seem questionable but nothing beyond that as the house was left in good shape. The second tenant left the house dirty and knocked a hole in the wall, then tried to repair it and did a terrible job. Vernon gave them the whole deposit back and let them skate.

The third tenant deserves a paragraph on its own. The person who signed the lease never lived in the house at all, as it was a contractor that put a Mexican crew in the house. They left it filthy beyond belief, and there is no way that anyone from property management ever walked in the house after it was rented, and if they did, they were wearing Ray Charles glass or turned a blind eye to anything and everything that was going on there. The tenant removed 90% of the vent covers in the house, and then tore a hole in the ductwork so that cats could come in and out from beneath the house, where they also broke a vent in the foundations so that cats could get in under the house. The walls are filthy, mainly from sweating as the tenant never used the air conditioning or had any kind of air circulation in the house. There were greasy places all over the walls where they had been touched by dirty hands, and black insect specks on the walls. The floors looked as if they had never been swept or vacuumed, and if you let a water drop fall onto the floor, it would create a black circle from the dirt on the floor. The kitchen and the bathrooms are absolute disasters- the drawers in the kitchen are super filthy and the bathrooms are going to need to be repainted, even though they were just painted less than 18 months ago. The small bathroom had insects smashed in between the door and the door casing, and the shelves in the closets of one of the back bedrooms had greasy dirt on them so bad that I may have to pitch them and have new ones cut. The yard had not been cut in a long time, and the shrubbery around the house had not had anything done to it, such that I had to cut it to the ground as it was too big to be pruned. The screens in my porch and two of the storm doors had been pushed out....and many more small things to numerous to go into. In my opinion, if you have an extra dog house to rent out, let Vernon manage that, but I would advise seeking your property management elsewhere.

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