Thursday, June 7, 2012

Up and down

This week has been a rollercoaster so far- I made $400 profit on Monday, followed by a horrible session at Planet Hollywood where I gave back 3/4 of the previous night's profits making second nut and strong, but losing ones. Case in point- I picked up pocket jacks in MP after one limper and raised that shit up, and got called by a player on the button and the original limper. Flop came AKQhh, and it was checked to me, so I c-bet with my gutshot. The button folded and the early position player called. Third heart came on the turn and the player checked and I checked behind like an idiot....think I was too tired as it was around 4 AM. I should have bet there and seen what happened. Anyway, a T on the river gives me broadway, but the EP makes a bet. I am mostly putting him on medium flushes here, as I have two jacks and with card removal, the likelihood of him having one is pretty low. I decide that the only way I am going to win is to raise, so I put him all in with a raise of just a bit over 3 times his bet. He calls, of course, because that is what fish do. And I lose, obviously, to an 8 high flush. Also, QQ < KK as the guy played it so passively.
I did have a good night tonight and doubled up my buy-in, mainly with two hands. One was a suited king and I made trip kings, the other was KQo, flopped top two, turned a boat, then let a guy keep betting into me. I raised him on the river, hoping to get paid off, but no dice.

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