Monday, June 4, 2012

one time

I have been running SO bad since the nice win at Wynn. Set over set, card dead, not making any hands....the worst downswing I have ever had. And not only that, but got a life bad beat from having half of my roll stolen from where I was staying. Told management, called the police, blahblahblah....never see any of that back for sure, I would think. The day that I moved out of there, I didn't sleep so well the night before and was hurrying to pack, and accidentally left a few things. Mostly small stuff but it included my $80 Merkur Futur razor, so after the other incident, I figured I wouldn't get that back either. Luckily, I did get it back earlier this evening, so my first onetime of the day.
After getting the razor back, I decided to go play some poker. I first went to Planet Hollywood, then to Bally's, then to MGM, which looked lifeless, so back to PHo. I bought in for 150bb, and was card dead again. I was down to 125bb, when a guy on the button put down a 5bb straddle. I was in middle position with 88 and flatted (in retrospect, I should have raised) and it was two to the flop. Flop came 7d5h2d, and I checked, so he put out a bet of  15bb. My thinking is that he didn't hit that flop, and I made it 43bb and he flatted. Another under card to my 88 that didn't complete the flush came on the turn, and I checked, and he put out a huge bet. I still think he is full of it and normally I shove it in here, but because of my recent run bad and having half my roll decimated, I fold and he shows the bluff, Qc3c. I should have trusted my instincts.
A few hands later, the button (different player) puts on the 5bb button straddle again, a player two before me raises to 15bb, and I look down at TT. Because of the previous hand I discussed, I am down to 78bb because I haven't had time to rebuy yet, so I ship it in. The player on the button ships it in also, then it is back around to the original raiser, who thinks about it for a bit before she shipped it in also. The flop is QJ3 (sorry, can't remember suits), the turn is an 8 and the river is a 9, for a runner runner straight for me. The button straddler had AA, and the woman had JJ for the flopped set and I suck out for a triple up. I get a second onetime for the day. Because of the run bad for the last couple of weeks, I rack it up and take the hundred profit, and will be back at it tomorrow.

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