Sunday, June 10, 2012

End of the line...for now

I didn't post it in the blog before, but last month I had most of my roll stolen from where I was staying, either by housekeeping or pest control. I told the management and called the police, but my chance of seeing that again is  like hitting the lottery. It has cut me so short, that I can't continue with my grinding for now as it would be playing with scared money, and that is a loser every time. I am heading back to North Carolina for a while as I have had a couple of job offers, and since I am debt free and have a house that I am renting out, it will not take me long to get rolled up again. The one expense that I do want to take on though is a car, as much as I love living without one, I just wasted too much time walking here in Las Vegas, but I am in quite a bit better shape for it. I walked a minimum of six miles a day here, and when I walk, I really walk, so I burned some calories also.
So it isn't a terminal end of the line, just a bit of a setback, and I will be back. I still would love to build guitars here as well, which would mean a move out into the suburbs, which will also be better with a car. The last hand I played here is my six weeks in Las Vegas in a nutshell- pocket aces under the gun, raise to ten and it folds around to the big blind, who raises to 35. Being in position and with aces, I flat it. Flop comes JJ5 rainbow, so with card removal, I am crushing his range here. Money ends up all in on the flop, and he shows quad jacks. 470 to 1 to flop quads, gg me. It was a cooler for sure, just cold decked there.

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