Monday, May 14, 2012

Las Vegas Poker

It took me a while to get sorted out with the 9 hour time difference and the heat (but everything is hot compared to Amsterdam), plus I still have no transportation. I swore that I would not buy a car, but after 11 days and walking 65 miles (no shit!), I am having second thoughts. The walking wasn't too bad, but I went grocery shopping for the first time and walked 2 miles with a backpack that was completely loaded and two overstuffed bags, and now I have shin maybe it is time for a car.

I have played two sessions of poker so far, one at the Aria (pretty uneventful but cashed out +400) and at the Wynn. The Wynn session was above and beyond- I bought in for $2000 and cashed out $6000+....enough to pay for my rent for 6 months, or to buy the aforementioned car. Probably going to bank it and pay the rent and do the car later, but that may be up for debate.

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