Thursday, May 3, 2012

Las Vegas and deposits

After a hectic two weeks and a side trip to Innsbruck, I am finally in Las Vegas. I am going to get over some jet lag and get acclimated before I play any live poker, so I have most been hanging out and tying up some loose ends from my move. I still have not been refunded my deposit on my apartment in Amsterdam, even though I left it spotless, cleaner than when I moved in. Out of my eight years there, I was stuck for the deposit three times- the Dutch seem to think that they have some right to just keep your deposit and fuck you over. All three times, my girlfriend's name was on the rental contract and I couldn't pursue it without her being interested and she was not. This time, however, my name is on the contract and I will pursue it. I also made an agreement with the owner to sell some of my furniture as he wanted to rent the apartment furnished. So that is another 300 that I am out so far as well, but I would rather give the money to an attorney than have some low life bastard steal from me.

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