Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two losing sessions, followed by a nice win

I had a couple of losing sessions in the past week, my first losing ones in two months. I had some pretty decent cards, but was outflopped almost every time. At least the two losing ones together were less than the winning one from my last post, so I didn't give it all back. Last night I was on the table again in the deepest game that I can remember, at least in quite a long time and it also happened to be loaded with good players and several 'gamblers'. I played my usual game- tight/aggressive preflop and looser after the flop in that I would value bet lighter than online. I had JdJh UTG+1 and opened for 6BB with two callers, then a player in the CO made it 26BB to go. Because we were both so deep, I flatted with one fold and one call after me. The flop came QcJsTc, so I have a set but on a pretty nasty board as the CO definitely has some AK/QQ in his range. I decide to lead out for 60BB and he shoves on me. Online, I would definitely at least think about folding here but pretty much no way in this live game unless I had some kind of specific read on the player. Some of the players at the table are ones that I had played with quite a bit, but never with this one. So I call the all in and the board run out was rags, and he shows AQo for top pair and I rake a huge pot. The rest of the session was pretty uneventful, other than one hand where I had Ah6h UTG and folded it because the game had been featuring a lot of reraises, but I would have made a full house and probably raked another nice pot from somebody that couldn't fold trip Aces.

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