Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two losing sessions, followed by a nice win

I had a couple of losing sessions in the past week, my first losing ones in two months. I had some pretty decent cards, but was outflopped almost every time. At least the two losing ones together were less than the winning one from my last post, so I didn't give it all back. Last night I was on the table again in the deepest game that I can remember, at least in quite a long time and it also happened to be loaded with good players and several 'gamblers'. I played my usual game- tight/aggressive preflop and looser after the flop in that I would value bet lighter than online. I had JdJh UTG+1 and opened for 6BB with two callers, then a player in the CO made it 26BB to go. Because we were both so deep, I flatted with one fold and one call after me. The flop came QcJsTc, so I have a set but on a pretty nasty board as the CO definitely has some AK/QQ in his range. I decide to lead out for 60BB and he shoves on me. Online, I would definitely at least think about folding here but pretty much no way in this live game unless I had some kind of specific read on the player. Some of the players at the table are ones that I had played with quite a bit, but never with this one. So I call the all in and the board run out was rags, and he shows AQo for top pair and I rake a huge pot. The rest of the session was pretty uneventful, other than one hand where I had Ah6h UTG and folded it because the game had been featuring a lot of reraises, but I would have made a full house and probably raked another nice pot from somebody that couldn't fold trip Aces.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Running good, playing well

Live poker in the casino has been going well of late and I think I have been playing well and running a bit good also. On Wednesday night( I was playing the 2/4 game as the 5/5 never started), the cutoff raises to 4bb and I 3 bet in the SB with JdJh. I have €950 in front and cover him. He only flats, so I'm assuming he doesn't have aces, and I put him on a range of pocket pairs (mostly weighted toward bigger ones), AK and maybe AQs. The dealer burns one and then cuts out the three cards for the flop, and when he flips them over, I see a jack in the door, so I am already thinking about how to extract the most value. When he spreads the flop, it is Jc-5s-5d, so I crushed it. I decide that since I have the board crushed, I am going to check and try to rep AK that missed. I do so, he leads out for a very smallish €40 and I just flat. On the turn, a 9c peels off and I decide that I am going to take a strange line, so I lead out for €130 and he almost instantly calls, which narrows his range a lot. As this point, I put his range as almost exclusively KK or QQ, maybe slow played AA but I doubt it. I also think that he may put me on AJ here or still think I have AK that missed and that I am trying to push him off. On the river comes an inconsequential 2d, and I lead out again for €300 and he thinks about it for just a bit and shoves all in over my bet. I insta-call and he shows KK, curses like a sailor, and then leaves the poker room so fast that he must have had jets up his ass or something. Thanks for the donation, Menno!