Monday, February 27, 2012


On May 1st, I will be flying to Las Vegas for a six month stay, but not really sure about what I am going to do after that other than I am not coming back to Holland. I came back even though my girlfriend from here and I split up in 2009, so I don't really have any attachment here now. My current girlfriend is German and both of us were living here with no attachment other than that I had a residency permit for my business here. The business went OK as I could always pay my bills and expenses, but I never could seem to make enough to save any, so I started playing poker in the casino to do that. The guitar building business turned out so that I had to deal with way too many morons and idiots that want something for nothing. Case in point- a couple of months ago, I had a guitar for sale on Marktplaats for 2000 euro, which is quite a bit less than even what I had in it. Anybody with any intelligence would know that is a good price, but I get retards bidding 200 or 300 on it. Trying to insult me? WTF? I have to say that I have never seen monkeys like that except for here, so it must be something in the culture. At least sitting at the poker table with morons is easy as I am taking their money, so the decision to move is an easy one. I would rather make poker a full time job and do guitars on the side in a location where people value quality over being cheap at every opportunity. Adios mofos.

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