Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live poker 2

I have had a great month in the Holland Casino in Amsterdam, especially considering the amount of hours that I have played this month. Six nights played for a total of twenty hours, but I am up almost four thousand euro for the month. I have been a winner every month that I have played for the past ten months, but this is my best hourly. During January, I noticed that I was getting tired sitting at the table and decided to do something about it, so I started exercising again. I have a rowing machine in my apartment and I am currently doing fifteen minutes per day and would like to get up to twenty. Thirty always seemed the point that it got to be too boring, so I think twenty every day along with some kind of dumbbell/kettlebell workout would be good. I also adjusted my diet to a more balanced one and added a lot of vegetables and cut out some of the red meat, along with cutting back on alcohol. I have already noticed the difference in the mirror and in the way that I feel, so I am obviously going to try to stay on track, especially since I am moving to Las Vegas for six months. Correlation between the poker results and my fitness/diet change? Not sure because of such a small sample size but the benefits of looking and feeling better are worth it alone.

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