Tuesday, December 25, 2012

comic relief

My former 'property manager' actually had the nerve to send an e-mail a while back asking to manage my property again. Hahahahahaha! Delete....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

appliances etc. redux

I asked the 'property manager' (bwahahahaha) where my appliances disappeared off to and got the exact answer that I was expecting- I don't have a clue, and he was very nonchalant about it. I don't have a clue why I hired this one, as my girlfriend at the time (the best judge of character that I have ever seen after being around someone for five minutes) told me that he would end up screwing me and that I should find someone else.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

appliances etc.

When I moved out of my house in 2004, there was a washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave and blinds in several of the rooms (two bedrooms, den, kitchen, breakfast room, and the front and rear door). Out of all these things, the only one in the house now is the blind on the rear door. Where are the other things, you may ask? Well I asked that as well, but my 'property manager' can't tell me as I have still to receive an answer. I replaced the refrigerator in 2007 (even though it was only 4 years old), and the washing machine I left was old (although I didn't have to replace it), and the dryer was brand new in 2004, and still should have had some service life. All have disappeared off into the ether, evidently. When the first tenant had problems with the built-in double oven (it ended up being the timer was set wrong), I had a second one in storage and my brother took it to the house to replace the original one. You guessed it, this one has disappeared into the same black hole as the rest of my things.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

bedroom floor

Here is the mop water from the middle sized bedroom floor in the house. Every other room that I have mopped so far has been comparable. But it passed the kitchen sink test, so it must be OK. For those reading, I sent Vernon Foster the GTFO (get the fuck out) notice today. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


More insects mashed between the cabinet doors and the frame, in the kitchen no less. If the tenant was this nasty where they were preparing food, you can only imagine the rest of the house. But it passed the kitchen sink test, so all is good. The property management philosophy- take the money and cut them loose to do whatever.

I mopped the kitchen floor today and it was unbelievable how dirty the water was. The main reason for mopping was that I knew that I am going to have to get on my hands and knees to scrub the floor, and I wanted to make it less filthy so I didn't feel too bad about being on it. The water was almost black, which leads me to believe it has never been mopped in the 17 months the tenant was there. Other than the utility/wash room, the rest of the house has hardwood floors and I know that they have to be almost as dirty as the kitchen floor.

Friday, July 6, 2012

kitchen sink test

Pictures from where the range was sitting....but it passed the kitchen sink test, you know. This picture was taken only 17 months after remodeling.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

property management redux

More photographic evidence of  'property management'- pictures 1 and 2 are of gum stuck on the floor and beside the chimney, pictures 3, 4, and 5 are of insects and the results of insects, and pictures 6, 7 and 8 are of the mess left in the drawers. The white powder is flour and the rest is the result of flour in the drawers- mouse droppings. But the house passed the 'kitchen sink test', so everything must be hunky dory, or so I was told by my 'property manager'.

Monday, July 2, 2012

property management

Here is some photographic evidence of the 'property managment', and I use that in the loosest possible sense, that I received. This is trash that I have found in the shrubbery and trees on my property, and this doesn't include all the beer cans and bottles that I found in the shrubbery immediately around the house. When winter comes and kills off some of the vegetation, there will be plenty more to be found. The last picture is of the cat shit in my house, where the tenants removed and stole the vent covers, and broke a vent in my foundation so that their cats could come inside the house. I wouldn't let this 'property manager' manage a dog house.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vernon Foster Property Management

Now that I blew off some steam about the previous tenant in my house, I will take on the supposed 'property management', and I use that in the loosest possible sense. I have used Foster Realty and then Vernon Foster Property Management, as Vernon worked at the previous before starting the latter, for eight years now, and I should have listened to my ex girlfriend when she told me that Vernon would screw me sooner or later. I have had three tenants, and the property management has progressively gotten worse each time. With the first tenant, there were a couple of repairs that seem questionable but nothing beyond that as the house was left in good shape. The second tenant left the house dirty and knocked a hole in the wall, then tried to repair it and did a terrible job. Vernon gave them the whole deposit back and let them skate.

The third tenant deserves a paragraph on its own. The person who signed the lease never lived in the house at all, as it was a contractor that put a Mexican crew in the house. They left it filthy beyond belief, and there is no way that anyone from property management ever walked in the house after it was rented, and if they did, they were wearing Ray Charles glass or turned a blind eye to anything and everything that was going on there. The tenant removed 90% of the vent covers in the house, and then tore a hole in the ductwork so that cats could come in and out from beneath the house, where they also broke a vent in the foundations so that cats could get in under the house. The walls are filthy, mainly from sweating as the tenant never used the air conditioning or had any kind of air circulation in the house. There were greasy places all over the walls where they had been touched by dirty hands, and black insect specks on the walls. The floors looked as if they had never been swept or vacuumed, and if you let a water drop fall onto the floor, it would create a black circle from the dirt on the floor. The kitchen and the bathrooms are absolute disasters- the drawers in the kitchen are super filthy and the bathrooms are going to need to be repainted, even though they were just painted less than 18 months ago. The small bathroom had insects smashed in between the door and the door casing, and the shelves in the closets of one of the back bedrooms had greasy dirt on them so bad that I may have to pitch them and have new ones cut. The yard had not been cut in a long time, and the shrubbery around the house had not had anything done to it, such that I had to cut it to the ground as it was too big to be pruned. The screens in my porch and two of the storm doors had been pushed out....and many more small things to numerous to go into. In my opinion, if you have an extra dog house to rent out, let Vernon manage that, but I would advise seeking your property management elsewhere.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

End of the line...for now

I didn't post it in the blog before, but last month I had most of my roll stolen from where I was staying, either by housekeeping or pest control. I told the management and called the police, but my chance of seeing that again is  like hitting the lottery. It has cut me so short, that I can't continue with my grinding for now as it would be playing with scared money, and that is a loser every time. I am heading back to North Carolina for a while as I have had a couple of job offers, and since I am debt free and have a house that I am renting out, it will not take me long to get rolled up again. The one expense that I do want to take on though is a car, as much as I love living without one, I just wasted too much time walking here in Las Vegas, but I am in quite a bit better shape for it. I walked a minimum of six miles a day here, and when I walk, I really walk, so I burned some calories also.
So it isn't a terminal end of the line, just a bit of a setback, and I will be back. I still would love to build guitars here as well, which would mean a move out into the suburbs, which will also be better with a car. The last hand I played here is my six weeks in Las Vegas in a nutshell- pocket aces under the gun, raise to ten and it folds around to the big blind, who raises to 35. Being in position and with aces, I flat it. Flop comes JJ5 rainbow, so with card removal, I am crushing his range here. Money ends up all in on the flop, and he shows quad jacks. 470 to 1 to flop quads, gg me. It was a cooler for sure, just cold decked there.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Up and down

This week has been a rollercoaster so far- I made $400 profit on Monday, followed by a horrible session at Planet Hollywood where I gave back 3/4 of the previous night's profits making second nut and strong, but losing ones. Case in point- I picked up pocket jacks in MP after one limper and raised that shit up, and got called by a player on the button and the original limper. Flop came AKQhh, and it was checked to me, so I c-bet with my gutshot. The button folded and the early position player called. Third heart came on the turn and the player checked and I checked behind like an idiot....think I was too tired as it was around 4 AM. I should have bet there and seen what happened. Anyway, a T on the river gives me broadway, but the EP makes a bet. I am mostly putting him on medium flushes here, as I have two jacks and with card removal, the likelihood of him having one is pretty low. I decide that the only way I am going to win is to raise, so I put him all in with a raise of just a bit over 3 times his bet. He calls, of course, because that is what fish do. And I lose, obviously, to an 8 high flush. Also, QQ < KK as the guy played it so passively.
I did have a good night tonight and doubled up my buy-in, mainly with two hands. One was a suited king and I made trip kings, the other was KQo, flopped top two, turned a boat, then let a guy keep betting into me. I raised him on the river, hoping to get paid off, but no dice.

Monday, June 4, 2012

one time

I have been running SO bad since the nice win at Wynn. Set over set, card dead, not making any hands....the worst downswing I have ever had. And not only that, but got a life bad beat from having half of my roll stolen from where I was staying. Told management, called the police, blahblahblah....never see any of that back for sure, I would think. The day that I moved out of there, I didn't sleep so well the night before and was hurrying to pack, and accidentally left a few things. Mostly small stuff but it included my $80 Merkur Futur razor, so after the other incident, I figured I wouldn't get that back either. Luckily, I did get it back earlier this evening, so my first onetime of the day.
After getting the razor back, I decided to go play some poker. I first went to Planet Hollywood, then to Bally's, then to MGM, which looked lifeless, so back to PHo. I bought in for 150bb, and was card dead again. I was down to 125bb, when a guy on the button put down a 5bb straddle. I was in middle position with 88 and flatted (in retrospect, I should have raised) and it was two to the flop. Flop came 7d5h2d, and I checked, so he put out a bet of  15bb. My thinking is that he didn't hit that flop, and I made it 43bb and he flatted. Another under card to my 88 that didn't complete the flush came on the turn, and I checked, and he put out a huge bet. I still think he is full of it and normally I shove it in here, but because of my recent run bad and having half my roll decimated, I fold and he shows the bluff, Qc3c. I should have trusted my instincts.
A few hands later, the button (different player) puts on the 5bb button straddle again, a player two before me raises to 15bb, and I look down at TT. Because of the previous hand I discussed, I am down to 78bb because I haven't had time to rebuy yet, so I ship it in. The player on the button ships it in also, then it is back around to the original raiser, who thinks about it for a bit before she shipped it in also. The flop is QJ3 (sorry, can't remember suits), the turn is an 8 and the river is a 9, for a runner runner straight for me. The button straddler had AA, and the woman had JJ for the flopped set and I suck out for a triple up. I get a second onetime for the day. Because of the run bad for the last couple of weeks, I rack it up and take the hundred profit, and will be back at it tomorrow.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oklahoma redneck

Can only imagine what he was yelling at Kobe, but no surprise from an Oklahoma redneck.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Las Vegas Poker

It took me a while to get sorted out with the 9 hour time difference and the heat (but everything is hot compared to Amsterdam), plus I still have no transportation. I swore that I would not buy a car, but after 11 days and walking 65 miles (no shit!), I am having second thoughts. The walking wasn't too bad, but I went grocery shopping for the first time and walked 2 miles with a backpack that was completely loaded and two overstuffed bags, and now I have shin splints....so maybe it is time for a car.

I have played two sessions of poker so far, one at the Aria (pretty uneventful but cashed out +400) and at the Wynn. The Wynn session was above and beyond- I bought in for $2000 and cashed out $6000+....enough to pay for my rent for 6 months, or to buy the aforementioned car. Probably going to bank it and pay the rent and do the car later, but that may be up for debate.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Las Vegas and deposits

After a hectic two weeks and a side trip to Innsbruck, I am finally in Las Vegas. I am going to get over some jet lag and get acclimated before I play any live poker, so I have most been hanging out and tying up some loose ends from my move. I still have not been refunded my deposit on my apartment in Amsterdam, even though I left it spotless, cleaner than when I moved in. Out of my eight years there, I was stuck for the deposit three times- the Dutch seem to think that they have some right to just keep your deposit and fuck you over. All three times, my girlfriend's name was on the rental contract and I couldn't pursue it without her being interested and she was not. This time, however, my name is on the contract and I will pursue it. I also made an agreement with the owner to sell some of my furniture as he wanted to rent the apartment furnished. So that is another 300 that I am out so far as well, but I would rather give the money to an attorney than have some low life bastard steal from me.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two losing sessions, followed by a nice win

I had a couple of losing sessions in the past week, my first losing ones in two months. I had some pretty decent cards, but was outflopped almost every time. At least the two losing ones together were less than the winning one from my last post, so I didn't give it all back. Last night I was on the table again in the deepest game that I can remember, at least in quite a long time and it also happened to be loaded with good players and several 'gamblers'. I played my usual game- tight/aggressive preflop and looser after the flop in that I would value bet lighter than online. I had JdJh UTG+1 and opened for 6BB with two callers, then a player in the CO made it 26BB to go. Because we were both so deep, I flatted with one fold and one call after me. The flop came QcJsTc, so I have a set but on a pretty nasty board as the CO definitely has some AK/QQ in his range. I decide to lead out for 60BB and he shoves on me. Online, I would definitely at least think about folding here but pretty much no way in this live game unless I had some kind of specific read on the player. Some of the players at the table are ones that I had played with quite a bit, but never with this one. So I call the all in and the board run out was rags, and he shows AQo for top pair and I rake a huge pot. The rest of the session was pretty uneventful, other than one hand where I had Ah6h UTG and folded it because the game had been featuring a lot of reraises, but I would have made a full house and probably raked another nice pot from somebody that couldn't fold trip Aces.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Running good, playing well

Live poker in the casino has been going well of late and I think I have been playing well and running a bit good also. On Wednesday night( I was playing the 2/4 game as the 5/5 never started), the cutoff raises to 4bb and I 3 bet in the SB with JdJh. I have €950 in front and cover him. He only flats, so I'm assuming he doesn't have aces, and I put him on a range of pocket pairs (mostly weighted toward bigger ones), AK and maybe AQs. The dealer burns one and then cuts out the three cards for the flop, and when he flips them over, I see a jack in the door, so I am already thinking about how to extract the most value. When he spreads the flop, it is Jc-5s-5d, so I crushed it. I decide that since I have the board crushed, I am going to check and try to rep AK that missed. I do so, he leads out for a very smallish €40 and I just flat. On the turn, a 9c peels off and I decide that I am going to take a strange line, so I lead out for €130 and he almost instantly calls, which narrows his range a lot. As this point, I put his range as almost exclusively KK or QQ, maybe slow played AA but I doubt it. I also think that he may put me on AJ here or still think I have AK that missed and that I am trying to push him off. On the river comes an inconsequential 2d, and I lead out again for €300 and he thinks about it for just a bit and shoves all in over my bet. I insta-call and he shows KK, curses like a sailor, and then leaves the poker room so fast that he must have had jets up his ass or something. Thanks for the donation, Menno!

Monday, February 27, 2012


On May 1st, I will be flying to Las Vegas for a six month stay, but not really sure about what I am going to do after that other than I am not coming back to Holland. I came back even though my girlfriend from here and I split up in 2009, so I don't really have any attachment here now. My current girlfriend is German and both of us were living here with no attachment other than that I had a residency permit for my business here. The business went OK as I could always pay my bills and expenses, but I never could seem to make enough to save any, so I started playing poker in the casino to do that. The guitar building business turned out so that I had to deal with way too many morons and idiots that want something for nothing. Case in point- a couple of months ago, I had a guitar for sale on Marktplaats for 2000 euro, which is quite a bit less than even what I had in it. Anybody with any intelligence would know that is a good price, but I get retards bidding 200 or 300 on it. Trying to insult me? WTF? I have to say that I have never seen monkeys like that except for here, so it must be something in the culture. At least sitting at the poker table with morons is easy as I am taking their money, so the decision to move is an easy one. I would rather make poker a full time job and do guitars on the side in a location where people value quality over being cheap at every opportunity. Adios mofos.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live poker 2

I have had a great month in the Holland Casino in Amsterdam, especially considering the amount of hours that I have played this month. Six nights played for a total of twenty hours, but I am up almost four thousand euro for the month. I have been a winner every month that I have played for the past ten months, but this is my best hourly. During January, I noticed that I was getting tired sitting at the table and decided to do something about it, so I started exercising again. I have a rowing machine in my apartment and I am currently doing fifteen minutes per day and would like to get up to twenty. Thirty always seemed the point that it got to be too boring, so I think twenty every day along with some kind of dumbbell/kettlebell workout would be good. I also adjusted my diet to a more balanced one and added a lot of vegetables and cut out some of the red meat, along with cutting back on alcohol. I have already noticed the difference in the mirror and in the way that I feel, so I am obviously going to try to stay on track, especially since I am moving to Las Vegas for six months. Correlation between the poker results and my fitness/diet change? Not sure because of such a small sample size but the benefits of looking and feeling better are worth it alone.