Friday, December 23, 2011

Live poker

Live poker had been going well but I have been incredibly card dead the last couple of times at the casino, about three hours each visit. Tuesday was AK night and I had it three times, but missed with it every time and was called on cbets and had to check/fold the turn each time. I picked up pocket jacks and raised, then was reraised by the guy to my immediate right and folded as he hadn't been splashing around like most of the other players. He showed kings, so I was OK with my fold as he was too short to profitably set mine against. Last night, I picked up AK once and missed again, checked the flop as it was very wet and hit the caller's range, but he checked back. I tried a delayed cbet on the turn, which I missed as well, and was called so I check/folded the river. After that I didn't pick up a single playable hand- and I am not sitting around waiting for aces and kings, but there is only so much you can do with a stream of 93o. I had already planned to leave just before my blind came around again and I picked up 99 UTG and folded it as I was ready to leave but I did stay around to see how the hand played out- my 99 would have been unimproved and another player made a straight.