Friday, September 16, 2011

Live poker

I haven't played a lot online lately as I screwed up and accidentally logged in on PokerStars through my VPN, which at the time had a US IP address so that I could check guitar prices on Guitar Center, which blocks you from seeing most of the good stuff if you have an IP in Europe. Needless to say, Stars froze my account until I could provide documentation to show that I live in Holland. The process took around two weeks though, so I would guess that they are serious about site security and such. I am also going through some of the same with Neteller now to get my iDeal verified, which is strange since I transferred money once through iDeal before.

Live poker is going well though as the game at the Amsterdam Holland Casino is so soft, filled with a bunch of POW's (pay off wizards). I have been playing six or seven times a month on average and easily paying my rent and bills with money to spare, which takes a lot of pressure of trying to make a living through my guitar business, which is really just getting off the ground.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I had someone from Nijmegen come buy my bass today, and for the asking price. So freeway and w.vansliedregt- suck it.