Saturday, July 16, 2011


Is there a website on the internet with as many morons as this one? I doubt it. Why did eBay feel the need to buy this piece of shit, by morons for morons website? I have tried to sell a few things on there but either get time wasting, lowballing idiots bidding on things or bid retractors. The only two decent bids that I ever had on there were retracted- one for no reason, and the other because he "didn't think I was actually going to sell it." WTF? I actually had one of the lowballers tell me that I wasn't supposed to make any money on anything I sold on Marktplaats. WTF, part two? I bought several sets of guitar pickups when I was in the US and brought them back to sell on Marktplaats (or use them in my guitar building). I listed them on Marktplaats for a lower price than they could be bought in Holland (and Germany) and was still getting low balled on them...stupid, ridiculous bids. No wonder eBay never caught on here- you can't fuck around and waste people's time on there without getting negative feedback.