Friday, December 23, 2011

Live poker

Live poker had been going well but I have been incredibly card dead the last couple of times at the casino, about three hours each visit. Tuesday was AK night and I had it three times, but missed with it every time and was called on cbets and had to check/fold the turn each time. I picked up pocket jacks and raised, then was reraised by the guy to my immediate right and folded as he hadn't been splashing around like most of the other players. He showed kings, so I was OK with my fold as he was too short to profitably set mine against. Last night, I picked up AK once and missed again, checked the flop as it was very wet and hit the caller's range, but he checked back. I tried a delayed cbet on the turn, which I missed as well, and was called so I check/folded the river. After that I didn't pick up a single playable hand- and I am not sitting around waiting for aces and kings, but there is only so much you can do with a stream of 93o. I had already planned to leave just before my blind came around again and I picked up 99 UTG and folded it as I was ready to leave but I did stay around to see how the hand played out- my 99 would have been unimproved and another player made a straight.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bot much?

Obviously a bot...and a bad one. PS usually weeds these out but this one is so bad.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Live poker

I haven't played a lot online lately as I screwed up and accidentally logged in on PokerStars through my VPN, which at the time had a US IP address so that I could check guitar prices on Guitar Center, which blocks you from seeing most of the good stuff if you have an IP in Europe. Needless to say, Stars froze my account until I could provide documentation to show that I live in Holland. The process took around two weeks though, so I would guess that they are serious about site security and such. I am also going through some of the same with Neteller now to get my iDeal verified, which is strange since I transferred money once through iDeal before.

Live poker is going well though as the game at the Amsterdam Holland Casino is so soft, filled with a bunch of POW's (pay off wizards). I have been playing six or seven times a month on average and easily paying my rent and bills with money to spare, which takes a lot of pressure of trying to make a living through my guitar business, which is really just getting off the ground.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I had someone from Nijmegen come buy my bass today, and for the asking price. So freeway and w.vansliedregt- suck it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Marktplaats redux

After having a bid retractor on a bass that I am trying to sell, I renewed the advertisement and got another bid for the same amount, so I sent a payment notice saying that I would accept that amount for the bid. No response of course...Dutch morons, not FTW. I guess these people bid on things so that they can think that they actually have the money to buy, when they actually have shit and are just wasting somebody's time? The two nonpayers (so far, there will be more idiots) are freeway and w.vansliedregt.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Is there a website on the internet with as many morons as this one? I doubt it. Why did eBay feel the need to buy this piece of shit, by morons for morons website? I have tried to sell a few things on there but either get time wasting, lowballing idiots bidding on things or bid retractors. The only two decent bids that I ever had on there were retracted- one for no reason, and the other because he "didn't think I was actually going to sell it." WTF? I actually had one of the lowballers tell me that I wasn't supposed to make any money on anything I sold on Marktplaats. WTF, part two? I bought several sets of guitar pickups when I was in the US and brought them back to sell on Marktplaats (or use them in my guitar building). I listed them on Marktplaats for a lower price than they could be bought in Holland (and Germany) and was still getting low balled on them...stupid, ridiculous bids. No wonder eBay never caught on here- you can't fuck around and waste people's time on there without getting negative feedback.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I finally found a place just outside (and by just outside, I mean 10 meters!) of Amsterdam and have gotten moved in, but still not sorted out. There is a nice storage space in the basement where I plan to work, but there is only just an overhead light with no outlets, so I will have to do something about that first. In the meantime, my guitar building and repairing tools are all in my living room, which I was hoping to avoid this time around, but hopefully it will only be temporary.

The new place is so quiet as compared to living in the center of Amsterdam and I haven't had a bad night of sleep yet, but in my old place that was mostly caused by inconsiderate housemates. You know who you are.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Amsterdam housing redux

Still no luck in finding a place so it is looking like plan B will be in effect, which is putting my stuff in storage for a month and taking a break from Amsterdam. I got started looking for a place so late as I thought that I was moving from here to Ireland, then that fell through and I am having to scramble at the last minute as I normally start looking three months ahead of time.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm still here

I have been going through the typical Amsterdam housing market bullshit again. Evidently if you don't have a Dutch last name, they discriminate you and don't even bother to reply to you or tell you that the property has already been rented out, even though they continue to show it on their webpage. Jacobus Recourt, the discriminator, and Van De Steege, the one that says that the property has already been rented out, have been a complete pain in the ass to deal with. But this is an Amsterdam housing market that out of the four apartments that I have lived in (not including the current one, which is the fifth), I have not gotten my deposit back three times. The first, Smart Vastgoed, turned out to be a front for a cocaine ring. The second one, Rietveld, was the absolute best and a joy to deal with. The third, Rotsvast, is the largest rental agency in Holland and it is surprising to me that they are even still in business or allowed to operate. My girlfriend at the time decided not to go after them for the deposit and since it was not in my name, I didn't have much choice. The owners of the apartment said that we left it in excellent shape but Rotsvast lied to them and stuck them for money also. The previous apartment to this one, I was also not given my deposit back either as they said (I can't remember the name of the agency at the moment. Memory block of a bad experience?) that I did not notify them in time that I was vacating, which I most assuredly did. The agent's name was Mirjam, and she was a big time liar. I had loads of problems with a noisy neighbor over me and when it came time to renew the lease, Mirjam told me that he was moving out. Yeah, right. He is still living there to this day.