Monday, April 26, 2010

Roadburn 2010

I went to the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg 10 days ago and had an amazing time! The festival was really well organized, even with the problems caused by the volcano. Some of the highlights for me were Goatsnake, who were absolutely amazing. I got to meet Greg Anderson and Pete Stahl (along with Trouble bassist Ron Holzner) a couple of nights earlier in Amsterdam at the Cave. Greg has the filthiest guitar tone I have ever heard. I also really enjoyed Earthless...quite amazing that a drummer can keep going for a 50 minute song! Karma to Burn!!! I had seen them at the end of the 90's and were blown away then, so I was highly disappointed when they broke up and happy that they got back together. They are so powerful live. Sons of Otis- I had seen their show in Toronto with OM and Lichens and really enjoyed them as I have been a long time fan. Their shows at the Roadburn were really fantastic and I got to meet all the guys in the Cave a couple of days later as they were stranded by the volcano. They almost played in the Cave (!) but Ryan was able to get a flight out and it didn't happen. Dude, you owe me a show!