Sunday, March 14, 2010

Amsterdam apartment hunting

I've been in Amsterdam for most of the last 6 years, and it has always been such a hassle to find a place here. The rental market was really hard previously, but this year I found that not to be the case, maybe the only advantage of the economic crisis. A lot of expats here were pulled back home went the economy went south, so there are a glut of GOOD apartments on the market this year and agents will actually take some off the rental price to try and fill the apartment. I decided that I was going to pretty much find an apartment in under two weeks and managed to do so. I'm going to pay double rent for one month but that gives me plenty of time to move and clean my old apartment, plus I have the added benefit of getting out from under the post stealing, noise until six in the morning moron living above me. I'm just so going to enjoy next month when I can come over and blast the vacuum at eight in the morning. :-) I found a really nice place, but more on that after I move in.

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