Saturday, December 12, 2009

week 19

Week 19 is finished now and we mainly did repairs on guitars and went over some things. I have been working on a cheap strat copy that needs quite a few repairs as a previous owner did some butcher work on it. He had installed some new tuners but did a bad job with them, trying to screw the small locator screws directly into the wood without drilling the holes first. Also the neck had been taken off and when the owner tried to reinstall it, the screws were reinstalled incorrectly and one came out the side of the neck. This guitar is basically a disaster but it gives me something to work on this week and next week.
We also had our end of class party as a few guys will not be back next week. We had beer, chicken, and pizza and received our certificates (everybody received one). I went in today and took some pictures of some of Joe's guitars.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Week 18

I wrapped up building my guitar this week. I installed the tuning machines, bridge, pickups, wiring, string ferrules, strap buttons, truss rod cover, and the nut. I even spaced out the strings and filed the slots in the nut, then filed them down to depth for the correct action. I then installed the strings and set the intonation, then tuned the guitar. The last two weeks will be used for going over things and doing repairs, then I'll be out of here and back to Amsterdam!