Friday, October 23, 2009

Weeks 11 and 12

Weeks 11 and 12 are in the books now, as we had week 11 off and were assigned homework, which turned out to be quite a bit of homework. Joe gave us quite a few questions that we had to answer about guitar manufacturers, different woods, and about some manufacturing processes. I started on my homework on the Saturday after week 10 and it took me until Tuesday to finish as I took quite a bit of time on it, doing a good job. Joe told me that I had done very well with it, so good for me but I wasn't expecting anything less. Week 12 was spent on starting to build our guitars, so now I have my guitar neck started and the mahogany wood to build my guitar body. The three piece laminate neck was cut out and then glued, the rough shape cut out and the trussrod installed. I then glued on the fingerboard, which is where it stands now. We also picked out some mahogany for the body, so I have to glue the two pieces together for that on Monday. The plan so far is for two EMG pickups, which will be the 81 and 85 combo or the 81X and 85X combo, but I'm leaning toward the X series as I haven't used those before. The bridge will be a Telecaster type bridge for a humbucker, a bone nut, ebony fingerboard, and the color will be tranparent black, which will be killer with the nice flame maple top I have picked out.
I'm getting pretty bored with being in Lindsay, 13 weeks with basically nothing to do other than the school. Amsterdam is starting to look even better with every passing day, as I miss my friends.

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