Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 10

Week 10 down...we mostly went over things we had done before, but did have a guitar come in with a broken headstock. We are working on repairing that plus the owner wanted it to be refinished, so we stripped off the old Oriental blue finish. The guitar had also fell at some point and landed on the controls, which cracked the front of the guitar and slightly pushed the controls back into the panel. It had been repaired previously in Bulgaria and the repair wasn't done very well so we are redoing that also. There is so much work involved with this instrument that it is almost like building another guitar. We have a week off next week for the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, so the teacher gave us some homework, which consists of quite a few questions that we have to answer about a variety of things- guitar building, manufacturers, tools, and materials.
I got to go to Toronto again for a night and went to the Wrongbar and saw Sons of Otis, Lichens, and Om. I'm a huge Sons of Otis fan and they were fantastic, such a massive wall of psychedelic doom blues sound. Om was also really good and Lichens, who I was not famiiar with previously, was very different but interesting.
I'm now 52.1% through with my time here.... ;-)

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