Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 13

I spent most of week 13 working on the neck for my guitar. It is a maple 3 piece laminated neck, with the core being of a nice piece of curly maple. I decided to go with a reverse Jackson style headstock and a mahogany body with a maple cap. Joe has made us do as much as possible on the necks with hand tools, just so we know how to do it that way. I also glued together the body this week and traced the design on top, but I haven't cut it out yet. I also worked on the template for the neck pocket and pickups and did a test of that today.

Halloween this week, but I'm stuck here with nothing to do. The weather is starting to get cold as well, with a slight chance of snow for this upcoming week. Ugh! But I'm down to forty something days, so that gives me something to look forward to.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weeks 11 and 12

Weeks 11 and 12 are in the books now, as we had week 11 off and were assigned homework, which turned out to be quite a bit of homework. Joe gave us quite a few questions that we had to answer about guitar manufacturers, different woods, and about some manufacturing processes. I started on my homework on the Saturday after week 10 and it took me until Tuesday to finish as I took quite a bit of time on it, doing a good job. Joe told me that I had done very well with it, so good for me but I wasn't expecting anything less. Week 12 was spent on starting to build our guitars, so now I have my guitar neck started and the mahogany wood to build my guitar body. The three piece laminate neck was cut out and then glued, the rough shape cut out and the trussrod installed. I then glued on the fingerboard, which is where it stands now. We also picked out some mahogany for the body, so I have to glue the two pieces together for that on Monday. The plan so far is for two EMG pickups, which will be the 81 and 85 combo or the 81X and 85X combo, but I'm leaning toward the X series as I haven't used those before. The bridge will be a Telecaster type bridge for a humbucker, a bone nut, ebony fingerboard, and the color will be tranparent black, which will be killer with the nice flame maple top I have picked out.
I'm getting pretty bored with being in Lindsay, 13 weeks with basically nothing to do other than the school. Amsterdam is starting to look even better with every passing day, as I miss my friends.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


For the last week or so, I have been using a new (to me anyway) screen capture program called SnapIt from Digeus Software. Previously I had used Windows print screen or ACDSee's screen capture, both of which are a bit unwieldy as I would always have to edit the image afterwards, which is a pain. SnapIt allows me to capture only the area that I want, so that I don't have to crop it later and it allows me to save the image in jpeg, gif, tiff, png, or bmp, so that I don't have to convert the file format later either, so the image is always useable just after the capture. Just the fact that I don't have to crop the image later is a winner for me. It also allows you to use a hot key of your choice, which I found to be very handy as well. I actually find myself capturing more things than before because it was such a hassle previously, and I didn't want to go through all of the steps. Being an online poker player, I occasionally want to capture tables because of particular hands, and this is definitely the quickest, easiest, and best way to do it. The program comes with complete documentation as well, so anyone can use SnapIt with ease. I highly recommend SnapIt to anyone that needs to do screen captures, whether it is the whole screen and just a part.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 10

Week 10 down...we mostly went over things we had done before, but did have a guitar come in with a broken headstock. We are working on repairing that plus the owner wanted it to be refinished, so we stripped off the old Oriental blue finish. The guitar had also fell at some point and landed on the controls, which cracked the front of the guitar and slightly pushed the controls back into the panel. It had been repaired previously in Bulgaria and the repair wasn't done very well so we are redoing that also. There is so much work involved with this instrument that it is almost like building another guitar. We have a week off next week for the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, so the teacher gave us some homework, which consists of quite a few questions that we have to answer about a variety of things- guitar building, manufacturers, tools, and materials.
I got to go to Toronto again for a night and went to the Wrongbar and saw Sons of Otis, Lichens, and Om. I'm a huge Sons of Otis fan and they were fantastic, such a massive wall of psychedelic doom blues sound. Om was also really good and Lichens, who I was not famiiar with previously, was very different but interesting.
I'm now 52.1% through with my time here.... ;-)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 9

Week 9 is down and was a pretty good week. I made a bone guitar nut this week that Joe rated as excellent, a rating that you don't get very much of from him. We went over some old things this week, made custom pickguards for acoustic guitars and today I made a compensated saddle, which turned out really well. I went to Toronto finally and had a good time, visiting several guitar shops and going downtown to the Cadillac Lounge and the Silver Dollar. At the Silver Dollar we saw a kick ass two piece (guitar, drums) band, the Speaking Tongues. They are highly recommended and have quite a unique sound. I'm going back to Toronto this weekend to see Sons of Otis at the Wrongbar.