Thursday, December 4, 2008

live poker

I played live for the first time in a while at the Holland Casino last night and booked a small win as I was quite card dead and also very rusty (and tight) at full ring since I never play that online any more. Pocket cowboys, tens, AKo and lots of trash, but I really only missed one good opportunity as I folded QJs UTG+1 after there had been quite a lot of reraising in the game. I would have flopped top pair with the J and had a 4 flush, and would have gotten there with the 3rd nuts on the turn if I had decided to have played. Two guys ended up all-in on the turn and I would have won the hand.....there's always next time. The casino was quite slow last night, maybe because Sinterklaas is tomorrow and Christmas is coming up, or maybe because of the economic downturn.