Sunday, October 19, 2008

Epic fail...

And not just the shirt either.... America is getting infected with Simple Mind ConditionTM, where people no longer think at all but just believe whatever they are told. The old 'repeat it enough times and it must be true' saw at work, especially with the Obama/Muslim story that continues to be repeated, even though the very same crowd tried to tie him to Jeremiah Wright, a Christian. These people do no research into anything, they just mindlessly believe...blind faith in your leaders will get you killed, people. The rampant nationalism/racism/threats at the McCain/Palin rallies of late, stoked by comments of the candidates, have started to look like Germany of the mid to late 1930's. Scary stuff and scary people... Somebody should start asking Palin questions about the Alaska Independence Party since Obama had to deal with William Ayres. Overall, America is in pretty sad shape when the "Mother I'd Love to Fuck" factor starts playing into voting.

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