Thursday, September 18, 2008

miscellaneous rants

Poker has been going good, some downswings but overall it is good. Can't say the same for the economy in the US though- which bank/insurance company is going to roll over next? Merrill Lynch, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, AIG.... It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know where to point the finger at on all of this, now does it? The party of less oversight, less restrictions, less regulation, less taxes, big business and big banking is god- the Republicans. Now their chickens are coming home to roost and McCain (Keating 5 anyone?) is talking about reform and pointing the finger at the Democrats and Barack Obama. What a load of horseshit and anybody that thinks otherwise is a complete idiot. Today McCain said that he would fire U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox for failing in his oversight of Wall he could do anything after the Republicans removed the SEC's teeth.

All the morons that voted for and backed Bush shun him like the plague now and how his approval rating is still at 26% is beyond me but those 26% would still vote for him even if he was caught fucking little boys or dead little girls on the White House lawn. The Republicans always harp on reducing the size of government but George W. Moron has presided over the largest expansion of government since LBJ....whatever. McCain is talking about another round of tax cuts even now but economists say that to make that work, government would have to be cut back to the size of 1950's government and we still have that black hole of a toilet called Iraq that we are flushing money down at a record rate. Wouldn't that money have been nice to have now with the economy failing?

Stock market total returns (S&P500) during Presidential terms:
Roosevelt (12.1 years) 336%
Clinton (8 years) 259%
Eisenhower (8 years) 216%
Reagan (8 years) 200%
Truman (7.8 years) 185%
Bush Sr. (4 years) 73%
Johnson (5.2 years) 65%
Carter (4 years) 56%
Ford (2.4 years) 51%
Kennedy (2.8 years) 33%
Bush the Lesser (7.7 years) 3%
Nixon (5.6 years) --10%
Hoover (4 years) --68%

And these were before the recent meltdown. Fucking lovely.

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