Friday, March 21, 2008

Eye Care Associates, Raleigh NC at Brier Creek

I would avoid Eye Care Associates of Raleigh, NC (Brier Creek location) like the fucking plague and any of the other ones as well if they are as bad as this one. I went for an eye examination in November 2007 as I hadn't been for a while and wanted to see if my contact prescription needed to be changed, and also wanted my girlfriend to get her eyes checked. They said that my prescription had changed so they gave me a pair to wear and ordered a box of contacts for each eye, and charged me $542 for both of us. They never called me when the contacts came in so I had to call there about the contacts, then after wearing the trial pair for a while, the reading (left) contact just never worked right and I was straining my eyes, so I started back wearing my glasses. As I was busy over the holidays and with other things, I didn't reschedule an appointment until the first week of February, and I had to pay for a second contact examination to get a prescription that was right after they screwed up the first one....partly my fault as I waited so long. After getting a second eye exam, the doctor said that I could trade in the boxes of the wrong contracts for the new ones and they gave me a trial pair to wear that was close to my prescription as they didn't have my exact one in trial contacts and they said they would call me when the correct prescription trial pair came in. Did they? Of course not, and I had to call once again. I tried these for a couple of days and liked them, so I called back and said that these were good and that they could order a box each for me. They said that they would call me when they came in (where have I heard this before?)...did they? Of course fucking not, so I had to call again two weeks later, only to find out that the contacts had not been ordered. I went in today to pick up my contacts, only to find out that they still had not been ordered! What the fuck is going on at this place? It's like the Monty Python cheese shop skit where the shopper finds out that they don't actually have any cheese at all and shoots the store clerk...I only wish that I could have done that! I preceeded to cancel the order, get credit for the two boxes of wrong contacts and get my prescription so that I could order some contacts from 1-800-contacts. Maybe I will FINALLY get some contacts....I would HIGHLY recommend avoiding these fucking idiots.


embarq said...

You're a foul mouthed moron who probably got the service you deserved. You're probably one of the many Yankee transplants who dirty our Southern air with your "bad attitude"

blkmagik said...

Nope...born and raised in the south for all of my life, I just received horrible service and call it like I see it. If you don't like what I wrote, just fuck off. With a name like Sridhar Reddy, I doubt that you were born in the south either, cocksucker.

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