Friday, March 7, 2008

certification test

I have been studying a bit for the last two months so that I can add some certifications (ICC) onto my resume to help with the job search in Las Vegas. It is really dry text and not very much fun to deal with, but I have just sucked it up and got down to business with it. My job is so boring and since I work mostly alone, I have had time at work to study as well and if anyone has seen me doing it, I have told them it is just job related research. The books I have been studying are related to what I'm currently doing, so it isn't a stretch by any means. I signed up to take the test this past Tuesday and with the cost of that plus the cost of the books that I had to buy, I now have over $850 involved in this, so failure is not an option. I went in and took the test and the Q&A section is somewhat tough but doable...then I hit the plan reading section. The plans are absolutely HORRIBLE and I sincerely hope that no building was built from these or else it is a death trap. The test is computer based but with actual paper plans, so I can see the time is ticking on the screen. When I first came in, I figured that I would be done an hour earlier than the 3.5 allotted hours but ended up taking 3 hours and 17 minutes. But I PASSED even though I have several friends that took the test and all failed. I put it on my resume and already have had 3 calls about jobs in Las Vegas. So now that the ICC Reinforced Concrete test is out of the way, it is on to the Structural Steel and Bolting, Fireproofing, and the AWS CWI.

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