Friday, February 29, 2008

No, really? Really?

Thank you for contacting the Bodog Financial Services.Please be advised faxes are dealt with in the order in which they are received, please note faxes may take 24 to 48 hours to be completed once received and verified you will be contacted via email.If you have any further questions, please contact us at 1-888-263-0000 Ext 2.

Best regards,

Bodog Financial Services

This is getting really old....

We have received your e-mail, thank you. We have attempted to contact your bank in order to verify your card. However, it was not successful, so we are kindly asking that you submit either a scanned copy of the front and back of your credit card or a copy of a bank statement showing your name and card number at your earliest convenience.

if you have any further questions, please contact us at 1-888-263-0000.

Best Regards,

Bodog Financial Services

Bodog is still sucking ass

But, didn't we all expect that? We have received your fax of the Credit Card Verification Form, thank you. Although most of the information that you have submitted is legible, unfortunately the photocopies of your credit card cut off.

Please recopy and refax the front and back of your credit card, using a lighter setting, and ensure that your account number is accompanied with the fax. It is not necessary to resubmit the other portions of the credit card verification form, as we will keep your originals on file.

Our toll free fax number is 1-888-743-2269

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 1-888-263-0000

Best regards,

Bodog Verification Service Department

Yeah, whatever. Let me draw you a fucking picture of it, moron.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bodog still sucks

"Thank you for contacting the Bodog Financial Services.Please be advised that due to a high volume of faxes in cue we have not been able to respond to you.We do apologies for any inconvenience caused please be assured that you will be notified via email once your documents are received." Uh, yeah..whatever. Just send me my fucking cash....and learn how to spell queue and apologize.

Bodog Fucking Sucks!!!

I recently opened an account at Bodog...not really sure why I did that since it is third rate as compared to PokerStars and Full Tilt, but I guess it was to play in the blogger events there. Anyway, when I funded my Full Tilt account, I used Netspend and received one of their reloadable Visa cards after having a ton of problems with Epassporte (they took over a month to answer the e-mails I sent to tech support). So I went the Netspend route with Bodog even though it takes a while, usually ten days as I first have to send the money to Paypal and then to Netspend. While I was waiting the ten days for the money to transfer, I think I received an e-mail a day from Bodog about loading my account. So as soon as the money hits Netspend, I transfer it into my Bodog account. So what do they do? They fucking disable my account because "it has come to our attention that there are other Bodog accounts using information similar to yours". As in they funded their accounts using cards with numbers? That's pretty damned vague if you ask me....after doing some research on the 'net, it seems like this is pretty standard fare for Bodog. Seems like they also drag their feet forever if you request a withdrawal as well, so as soon as they get my account enabled, I'm withdrawing and will never be back. I already thought that it pretty much sucked that you had to pay an additional $50 for a program so that you can use Poker Tracker at Bodog, so I'm going to save the money/aggravation and just pass on Bodog. I recommend anyone else to do the same.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I took my girlfriend to the airport yesterday so she is back in Amsterdam...the one and only negative to having a Dutch girlfriend is that she has to leave the country every three months, which majorly sucks. This time it will be 50 days, which if I recall correctly, is the second longest time that we have been apart but she has to work some so that she can come back and have a poker bankroll for when we move to Vegas. ;-)
My job just isn't going to end soon enough either and her being gone just will make it seem like that much longer. One of the great mysteries of my life is how the company owner came to be so rich being so damned stupid. The more I puzzle about it, the less clear the answer is so I just quit thinking about it. But as far as mysteries of life go, it is right up there with how 16 year old female breasts manage to defy gravity no matter how big they are and how Paris Hilton/Britney Spears/Lindsey Lohan/insert name here all have managed to avoid Darwin's theory of natural selection.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm just so anxious to get on with moving and leave my crappy's like being on a last place team that isn't going to make the playoffs and you are just playing out the string and going through the motions. I have been working on a presentation type thing for the company where I work and, in my opinion, I have it finished but the owner keeps sending it back to have more added to it. I think he wants me to fluff it up with a bunch of other words, blow smoke up somebody's ass to try to get approved to do some work. That isn't my style and I know some of the people who are going to read this and I really don't want them to think that I was responsible for this. Such a great company to work for- I have been here SEVEN months and still don't have a key to get in the front door! Fucking unbelievable....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Amsterdam....on vacation

I'll be heading back to Amsterdam in April for 10 days and I'm very much looking forward to it, although I'm dreading the move after getting back. Ten days will give me enough time to see all of my friends and play in the NLHE tournament twice, which both will be a lot of fun. I guess I'm most looking forward to leaving my job though as it has become a major drag and I hate coming to work every day. Although my plan isn't to jump into playing poker full time as of yet, the thoughts of being my own boss are very appealing to me after working in a bad environment for a while. The Amsterdam vacation will be very good for me as far as putting the whole 9 months out of my mind though.