Tuesday, January 29, 2008

work, pt. 2

Yesterday the owner of the company that I work for approached me and I still haven't figured out what the point of the conversation was. He was telling me that I should think twice about moving to Vegas (indirectly saying that I was going to go bust and end up stuck with no money)and that you couldn't live in Vegas for less than $500 a day! Not sure what his living standards are but I think I can make it on slightly less than $500 a day....maybe he thought I was moving in the Bellagio or something. No intentions here on jumping out and trying to play poker full time right off the bat and since I work in the construction engineering and management field, I don't anticipate having much difficulty finding a job. We are going to head out without a place lined up to move in and more than likely without a job lined up, but I'm not worried about either as I have way more than enough to live on for a while without dipping into my bankroll. Oh, the last bit of advice given to me by the owner about poker in Vegas was that "it's not all about pot odds in Vegas". No, really? Really?

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