Tuesday, January 29, 2008

work, pt. 2

Yesterday the owner of the company that I work for approached me and I still haven't figured out what the point of the conversation was. He was telling me that I should think twice about moving to Vegas (indirectly saying that I was going to go bust and end up stuck with no money)and that you couldn't live in Vegas for less than $500 a day! Not sure what his living standards are but I think I can make it on slightly less than $500 a day....maybe he thought I was moving in the Bellagio or something. No intentions here on jumping out and trying to play poker full time right off the bat and since I work in the construction engineering and management field, I don't anticipate having much difficulty finding a job. We are going to head out without a place lined up to move in and more than likely without a job lined up, but I'm not worried about either as I have way more than enough to live on for a while without dipping into my bankroll. Oh, the last bit of advice given to me by the owner about poker in Vegas was that "it's not all about pot odds in Vegas". No, really? Really?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I wish I could move to Vegas tomorrow as I'm about absolutely sick of my job and the idiots that I have to work with everyday. The guy that owns the company is a complete moron and the company is the most dysfunctional mess that you would ever want to see. The supervisors all carry digital cameras around in their trucks so that they can take pictures of any kind of perceived screw up and run back to the boss with them to score brownie points for themselves. Basically a five year old 'mommy, mommy' mentality.... The owner was a only child and has this 'my way or the highway' mentality that brings out the worst in people, so much so that the only way that the company can keep anyone is to overpay them to put up with the shit. It's not all about the money for me so I'm glad that I'm going to be bailing soon.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Amsterdam is going to have to wait pt. 2

Because we're moving to Vegas! After the vacation there, my girlfriend likes it a lot (much to my surprise). We have been extremely bored in Raleigh and change is always good for me as I tend to easily get into ruts. We both are looking forward to being able to play poker whenever we want and not having to worry about funding an online poker site. I have a nice roll on PokerStars but not so much on FTP until yesterday when I was finally able to put some money on there through my bank. I'm pretty superstitious about rolling money out of my Stars account so I just pulled it out of savings. Anyway, we are both excited about the move and will probably roll out in April since she has to go back to Amsterdam in March. Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vegas was +EV for me

My girlfriend and I had a great time in Vegas over the holidays and the poker tables were extremely kind (and soft). I was able to pay for the vacation and all of my bills for the month and still have a bit left over by playing the $1/$2 NLHE and tournament tables. I played three tournaments and made the final table of each, and made it to heads up on one and chopped that one due to another tournament getting ready to start and the poker room needing the table. I'm usually opposed to chops and would rather play it out but didn't want to be a jerk about it. The $1/$2 tables that I played at (Flamingo) were definitely softer than I thought that they would be and softer than most of the $1/$2 tables on PokerStars. I mostly tried to play small ball and pick up a lot of small pots but made most of my money on a couple of big pots that I took down. In the first one, a player (fairly new on the table, I didn't have much of a read on him yet) in early position made a $10 raise and it folded around to me. I look down and find pocket 9's so I call the raise, feeling that the original raiser probably has a pocket pair as well or at least two broadway cards. The flop was about as good for me as it could have been, as I flopped top set with a 9 5 2 flop, all black cards. The original raiser pushed with about $160 and I put him on aces or kings but it didn't matter as I was definitely calling with top set. For whatever reason, the dealer didn't call for us to open up, but I filled up on turn as another 5 hit the board. When the dealer had finished, I turned over my cards and announced 9's full of fives and the other player turned over his aces for two pair. The biggest hand for me was one where I was in the small blind and completed with a 7h8d after a bunch of limpers. The big blind was not an aggressive player and I was pretty sure that he was going to check his option and see the flop with so many limpers. The flop came 8h 9d 10d, giving me a pair of 8's with an open ended straight draw and a back door flush draw. I made a pot size bet and was called by one player in the UTG+1 position. The turn brought card that was good and also scary for me in the Jd. It completed my straight and gave me an open ended straight flush draw but also completed any flushes. I decided to take a shot to see if my straight was good and made a pot sized bet of $40, only to be raised to $140 by the UTG+1 player. He was a young college kid from Chicago and hadn't shown much aggressiveness to this point but had won a few small pots. I was a bit surprised by the raise but went through what I thought that his range might be and tried to make a read on him. He looked a bit nervous and after thinking it through a bit, I made the call. I thought about reraising and pushing but since I didn't think that he had the flush, I also thought that he would fold to the big reraise and there was no more money to be had here. A 5s hit the board on the river and I checked and he checked as well. I turned over my straight and he showed 8s 10s for two pair. The player to my right told me that he had folded the Qd, giving me only the 7d left for my straight flush. Not too long before that hand, I was sitting at the table when the Harrah's Megabeat Jackpot hit and I received $169 for that for doing nothing! I never did hear what the hand was that was cracked or where it happened. I lost one big hand in my first session there and was stacked in the process but after that, everything was great. In that hand, I tried to get cute with pocket aces and paid the price for it. I was UTG+1 and limped in, hoping to get a raise and put in a reraise as the game had been somewhat loose to that point. There were no raisers however, only a bunch of limpers. I flopped top set and probably didn't make a big enough bet into a somewhat small pot and a board that had two hearts. I had one caller, a tough local player that I had not played many pots against. The turn brought another heart, completing any flushes that were out and giving me the nut flush draw as I had the ace of hearts. I checked and he pushed and put me to a decision. I thought about it for a bit and although I hadn't seen him caught bluffing yet, I had thought that he was some and thought that he was this time as I didn't think that he had the flush. I called and he turned over Jh 7h for the flush so I was behind but had some outs to the nut flush or a full house. I didn't hit any of them on the river and ended up losing +/- $160 total on that one hand. The tournament that I won was pretty nondescript and I don't remember too many hands from it other than at one point I was short and pushed with 2c 3c and hit a 3 to double up, and the last hand of the tournament where my opponent made a big raise and after thinking about it, I pushed and had him dominated with my A7 against his A6. I took a slight chip lead on that hand and we chopped before playing another.
Overall, we had a really nice trip and are looking forward to going back. I wish that I had done a little less sight seeing and played some more poker but it's all good. We stayed at the Flamingo and really enjoyed it and the location is great, right across from Caesar's and Bellagio.