Saturday, December 8, 2007

New York Yankees

The Yankees got away from the winter baseball meeting without doing anything stupid, namely trading Phil Hughes or any of the other prospects that they have for Johan Santana. Santana is a great pitcher but his numbers tailed off a bit this year, which would definitely scare me off if I were a GM, especially with the cost in prospects AND a contract extension for Santana. Brian Cashman has done a great job rebuilding the Yankees farm system in only three years and I didn't want to see it undone in one trade. Give the young guys a chance...that's a big reason for how the Yankees won in '96. George used to try to give the farm away for perceived power hitters (Ken Phelps anyone?), when the '96 team won playing small ball, a more National League style with good base running and stealing. Since that group of guys that were there (Bernie Williams, etc.) and the new guys (Jeter, Pettite, Rivera, Posada), the Yankees farm system didn't produce much up until Cano and Cabrera.

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