Monday, December 17, 2007

Vegas bound....

My girlfriend is due back from Amsterdam tomorrow and after hanging for a week, we are headed out to Vegas on Christmas Day and coming back on the 30th. Some friends are coming over from Amsterdam and we are going to meet them there for some holiday fun (and poker, at least for me anyway). I'm looking forward to it as I don't get to play live much anymore and probably won't until we move back to Amsterdam. I'm wondering how busy the casinos will be during the holidays but I guess it probably will not effect the business very much.


My girlfriend bought a Squeezebox for me for my birthday and it's the greatest thing since sliced white bread! I have a huge collection of music on my computer after ripping all of my CD collection to FLAC but listening through computer speakers really sucks. I have some good home speakers connected to a non-descript receiver so it is a lot better than the computer speakers. I find myself listening to music all the time now and even picked my guitars up again for the first time in a while. For the price, there is no way to beat the Squeezebox. The software for it is pretty open source so there are tons of plugins for it. I'm using the Audioscrobbler plugin so that everything that I listen to shows up on my page and because of scripts, also shows up on my blog and Myspace pages.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

just random stuff....

I tried playing a tournament last night but my cable modem kept crapping out and disconnecting me from the internet. I had to pull the power and restart it seven (!) times during the tournament so I finally pushed, got busted and disgusted all at once. Time Warner came around and replaced it today so all is good...I should ask about a refund of my buy-in.
I see the party of no morals (doesn't take much of a guess to which one that is) is up to their usual with the vote in the House on waterboarding. This pretty much says it all.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

New York Yankees

The Yankees got away from the winter baseball meeting without doing anything stupid, namely trading Phil Hughes or any of the other prospects that they have for Johan Santana. Santana is a great pitcher but his numbers tailed off a bit this year, which would definitely scare me off if I were a GM, especially with the cost in prospects AND a contract extension for Santana. Brian Cashman has done a great job rebuilding the Yankees farm system in only three years and I didn't want to see it undone in one trade. Give the young guys a chance...that's a big reason for how the Yankees won in '96. George used to try to give the farm away for perceived power hitters (Ken Phelps anyone?), when the '96 team won playing small ball, a more National League style with good base running and stealing. Since that group of guys that were there (Bernie Williams, etc.) and the new guys (Jeter, Pettite, Rivera, Posada), the Yankees farm system didn't produce much up until Cano and Cabrera.