Wednesday, November 21, 2007 going to have to wait for 1 year

It looks like my girlfriend and I are going to wait another year before moving back to Amsterdam. Not really what I would like but it is probably best for us to do that. I hate not having any live poker convenient and the restrictions on funding online poker here, and hate a lot of other things in the US but I guess I can suck it up for another year.

Monday, November 5, 2007

hot sauce

I grew habaneros on my balcony this year after having not grown any while I was in Amsterdam because of the unsuitable climate, so my girlfriend and I picked all the peppers and did away with the plants because of the upcoming freeze conditions. We made 24 half pint jars of hot sauce with the peppers as she likes it and I'm addicted to the endorphin rush from the capsaicin. It is extremely hot and I would like to give some away but I don't know anyone that could handle the heat and would rather keep it than give it away to be thrown away. We had some on falafel last night and it was so tasty!!!