Monday, October 22, 2007

Absolute Poker

The current firestorm going on about and within Absolute Poker is no surprise here. Not too long ago both my girlfriend and I played on that site and both of us saw some pretty unbelievable bad beats, players staying in hands for way too long (like they knew what everybody was holding) and other unbelievable crap. We cashed out and moved what was left of our money over to FTP and PokerStars. Both have had some issues in the past (an apparent botnet was running on FTP and they took too long to do something about it and PokerStars has had some issues about multiple accounts from the same computer during tournaments) but both have made attempts to rectify the situations and pay back players that were affected. The story out of Absolute (and Ultimate Bet, since it is the same company) seems to be changing by the day. If I had money on there, I would pull it out immediately and move it to somewhere more reputable.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NC State Fair

My girlfriend and I went out to the NC State Fair.....why did I ever leave Amsterdam and come back here? We stayed just over an hour and the whole lowbrowness (new word?) was pretty disgusting. I guess the US is just way to neanderthal (and that's an insult to the neanderthals) for both of us and we are so looking forward to going back to Europe.

2007 WSOP Main Event

What a table full of donkeys! The absolute worst final table of my memory without a doubt...Alex Kravchenko was the best player on the table but played with a short stack for most of the early going. He picked his spots very well though and lasted longer than probably anyone would have thought. Yang definitely joins the poker fucktard list of Moneymaker, Gold, Varkonyi, etc. I'm definitely going to win a satellite into the main event this year as I have to be part of this donkey fest. I felt sad for Scotty Nguyen for going on tilt just before the final table as I think he would have run over the whole table. He probably missed his best chance for a second main event bracelet. And what's up with the praying to god at the poker table as Yang was doing? If god existed (I'm an atheist), do you think he would give a fuck about a poker game and how you're doing in it? What an absolute fucktard!