Sunday, September 16, 2007


Just got back on the 13th from a nine day trip which was fantastic but we ended up needing a vacation from the vacation as we did way too much running around trying to see everybody and catch up but not enough relaxing. The only bummer of the trip was dealing with flying through Newark, which evidently has way too much air traffic as the last few times we have travelled, we have had ground stop at our local airport which means that we sit on the ground here until we have clearance at Newark to take off as they are so stacked up with traffic. With all of the delay here then a lot of times on landing at Newark as well, you have to run like hell to make the flight. I had a 3 hour layover turned into just getting to the gate before boarding started and our flight back we had to run like hell just to make it on the plane just before it left. I hate to ditch Continental but I'm going to look into other options as Newark is just too much of a hassle to deal with every time. The weather in Amsterdam was OK but a bit of a shock since it was 95 and sunny here before I left and 50 and raining in A'dam when I arrive. I caught a cold while there but it will be over shortly.....Other than the temp difference, the weather wasn't too bad as we didn't get much rain at all and overall the trip was great.

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