Sunday, September 16, 2007

Amsterdam Holland Casino's new (to me) poker room

I was told by some of the regulars that the Amsterdam Holland Casino moved their poker room in April (I moved away in January) so it was my first time seeing the new poker room. They have roped off the tables now so that observers have to stand back, a major improvement over the old room where observers were standing just behind your chair, were majorly in the way of everything and could easily see your cards if you were not careful. They have also eliminated smoking at the tables which is also a huge improvement because a lot of Dutch smokers are majorly rude and will blow smoke directly in your face and not think twice about it. You can smoke behind the ropes but if you get up to the rope and your smoking is bothering a player, they will make you move to the downstairs bar which is near the new poker room. The info screens used during the tournament are also a major improvement as they show the blind levels, next blind levels, the time before the next level change, number of rebuys/add-ons, the payout schedule, etc. The old screens only showed the time and the current blind levels, so the new ones are a lot better. All in all, the new room is a lot better playing experience than the old one.

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