Friday, August 3, 2007

the weekend...finally

What a long, stressful was demanding and I didn't get a great nights sleep since Saturday. Mostly in the one to two hour range as I kept waking up and couldn't go back to sleep. I can see a lot of pool time in my future for this weekend and I have a couple of books to start reading- Professional No Limit Hold 'Em by Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta and Ed Miller, and Your Worst Poker Enemy by Alan Schoonmaker. I have everything that Ed Miller has written and I'm looking forward to reading Your Worst Poker Enemy as I have read good things about it. Recently I have read Read 'Em and Reap by Joe Navarro, which was really excellent and I'm eagerly anticipating putting it to practice the next time that I play live. I'm planning on playing in Amsterdam when I go out in September, both the Tuesday night donkfest tournament and the cash games.

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