Friday, August 24, 2007

the retarded U.S.

I was talking to a guy that I work with today and he's getting married sometime in the not too distant future. He and his future wife are going to some kind of premarriage counseling at their church and the female minister told him and his girlfriend that they should abstain from premarital sex for the eight months prior to their marriage. As an atheist, this kind of shit is just amusing beyond fucking belief to me. They preach all this kind of bullshit about abstinence and only want to teach that in sex education to kids but the teen pregnancy rate here is unfuckingbelievable (yes,that is one word). In the Netherlands, where they actually teach 'real' sex education, the teen pregnancy rate is one seventh what it is here. They just can't stand the fact that somewhere, somebody is fucking and enjoying it. While I'm on a roll here- if they took the money that they spend here every year teaching this disingenuous version of sex education and combined it with the money that they hold over poor countries' heads (we're not going to give you this money unless you use it to teach abstinence, not buy condoms with it to help keep your AIDS rate from fucking skyrocketing)and the money from the tremendously ineffective 'war on drugs', we could probably solve world hunger. Instead, the misguided 'war on drugs' rolls on and the amount of drugs available continues to rise, profits for the dealers continue to rise, etc. I know a guy, who will remain nameless, that says that he votes Republican every time just because he knows that they will continue the 'war on drugs' and it keeps his profits high. The 'war on sex', brought to you by the same people that brought to you the 'war on drugs'. Fucking idiots....

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