Thursday, August 9, 2007

Poker site ID's and data mining

I read a recent article by Lee Jones, the former cardroom manager at Poker Stars, where he stated that because of UIGEA, it was getting harder to make money playing poker online because the main people that it affected were the fish as they were the most easily discouraged and wouldn't go the extra mile and reload. Consequently, less and less bad players were playing and it was getting harder and harder to make money online. He stated that he thought that players should be allowed to change ID's whenever they wanted to avoid showing up as 'fish' on sites such as Sharkscope, Poker Edge, the pokerdb, etc. I think showing up as a shark on there has to have an effect on good players as well and would have to think that it was negative EV wise as it would affect the amount of action that you get. I also think that it is funny that not too long after this article turned up that Poker Stars made an announcement that they were going to prevent data mining of their players by the very sites mentioned above (and any others that I don't know about). Even though, I'm still thinking of changing my ID's on the two sites that I play on and starting with a clean slate, although I haven't read anything about FTP following the Poker Stars lead.

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