Friday, August 24, 2007

chance and probability

What would be the probability of having four flat tires in three weeks and three of them all in one week? Well that has been my last three weeks and I think that there is some vandalism afoot. On the one valve stem that I noticed, there appeared to be two slices in the back of it facing toward the wheel. The two cuts were so thin that they had to be made with something like a single edge razor. The cuts leaked so slowly (or maybe not at all) until I started driving on the highway, where I would get seven to ten miles away from home before that tire would get so flat that I would have to pull off the highway and change the tire. I ruined two tires because getting off a busy interstate with traffic takes some time and it doesn't take very long to ruin a tire. Road hazard warranties are a great thing....but I'm thinking about sitting at my window with my Glock 10mm w/laser sight and watching for idiots.

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