Friday, August 24, 2007

Baseball and Beckham

I can't believe that the hapless Rangers piled up 30 runs on the hapless Orioles...I wish baseball would return to what it was in the 60's before they started tinkering with it to increase run production. No matter how many runs they score, baseball isn't going to get the X Games/video games generation to watch it because it is just too slow paced, so I wish that they would return to the game that the purists love. Raising the pitching mound would be a good first step back to good baseball and not the ridiculous 30-3 crap that we have now. And while I'm ranting- David Beckham. What a fucking joke but he's a perfect fit in Plastic Town (aka Los Angeles) with all of its fake plastic people. The fucker was always one footed to begin with and mostly a hack that got by on his good looks and ability with penalty kicks. No true European football fan has a shred of respect for him but the Galaxy throw so much money at him that you would think that he is the second coming of Pele...whatever. While in Europe, I was privileged to get to see Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto'o, and trust me, Beckham at his best isn't even a shadow of those guys. I bet Johan Cruijff could still easily outplay Beckham and he's 60.

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