Friday, August 31, 2007


Tony Snow just resigned today, preceded by Gon(e)zalez and Rove and before them was a bunch of other ones that just aren't as well known (Monica Gooding being one of them). Even the rats know when the ship is sinking but what took them so long? It has been obvious to just about anyone that this ship has been sinking for YEARS! Maybe the head rat will jump ship while I'm over in can only hope.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beckham injured....

Beckham that is a huge surprise. I'm sure his pussy hurts too....if you haven't figured out yet that the Galaxy and MLS were suckered, get a clue.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

back out of the poker woods...

I've had a nice little run recently with a couple of tournament cashes and I crushed another $1000+50 SNG on 'Stars last night for a $4500 payday, so all in all a nice way to head out to Amsterdam on the day after Labor Day. I'm really looking forward to the trip as it is the first vacation since going to Hawaii for four weeks in January/February of last year.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gonzalez resigns..

Jeez, what took so damned long! Good fuckin' riddance...the only bad thing is that Bush will name someone to the post that is even more incompetent than Gonzalez, which is the pattern of his entire presidency. Good job, Bushie...

Friday, August 24, 2007

poker site ID's

I recently changed (once again) my ID's on the poker sites that I play on because of data mining issues. It is really easy to do, especially if you own a domain and can change your e-mail address at will as you have to have a new e-mail address. If you try to use an old one, the sites link ID's to e-mail addresses and not to physical addresses. Plus it is a chance to change my photo on Poker Stars since I had changed mine once already and they only allow one change.

the retarded U.S.

I was talking to a guy that I work with today and he's getting married sometime in the not too distant future. He and his future wife are going to some kind of premarriage counseling at their church and the female minister told him and his girlfriend that they should abstain from premarital sex for the eight months prior to their marriage. As an atheist, this kind of shit is just amusing beyond fucking belief to me. They preach all this kind of bullshit about abstinence and only want to teach that in sex education to kids but the teen pregnancy rate here is unfuckingbelievable (yes,that is one word). In the Netherlands, where they actually teach 'real' sex education, the teen pregnancy rate is one seventh what it is here. They just can't stand the fact that somewhere, somebody is fucking and enjoying it. While I'm on a roll here- if they took the money that they spend here every year teaching this disingenuous version of sex education and combined it with the money that they hold over poor countries' heads (we're not going to give you this money unless you use it to teach abstinence, not buy condoms with it to help keep your AIDS rate from fucking skyrocketing)and the money from the tremendously ineffective 'war on drugs', we could probably solve world hunger. Instead, the misguided 'war on drugs' rolls on and the amount of drugs available continues to rise, profits for the dealers continue to rise, etc. I know a guy, who will remain nameless, that says that he votes Republican every time just because he knows that they will continue the 'war on drugs' and it keeps his profits high. The 'war on sex', brought to you by the same people that brought to you the 'war on drugs'. Fucking idiots....

chance and probability

What would be the probability of having four flat tires in three weeks and three of them all in one week? Well that has been my last three weeks and I think that there is some vandalism afoot. On the one valve stem that I noticed, there appeared to be two slices in the back of it facing toward the wheel. The two cuts were so thin that they had to be made with something like a single edge razor. The cuts leaked so slowly (or maybe not at all) until I started driving on the highway, where I would get seven to ten miles away from home before that tire would get so flat that I would have to pull off the highway and change the tire. I ruined two tires because getting off a busy interstate with traffic takes some time and it doesn't take very long to ruin a tire. Road hazard warranties are a great thing....but I'm thinking about sitting at my window with my Glock 10mm w/laser sight and watching for idiots.

Baseball and Beckham

I can't believe that the hapless Rangers piled up 30 runs on the hapless Orioles...I wish baseball would return to what it was in the 60's before they started tinkering with it to increase run production. No matter how many runs they score, baseball isn't going to get the X Games/video games generation to watch it because it is just too slow paced, so I wish that they would return to the game that the purists love. Raising the pitching mound would be a good first step back to good baseball and not the ridiculous 30-3 crap that we have now. And while I'm ranting- David Beckham. What a fucking joke but he's a perfect fit in Plastic Town (aka Los Angeles) with all of its fake plastic people. The fucker was always one footed to begin with and mostly a hack that got by on his good looks and ability with penalty kicks. No true European football fan has a shred of respect for him but the Galaxy throw so much money at him that you would think that he is the second coming of Pele...whatever. While in Europe, I was privileged to get to see Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto'o, and trust me, Beckham at his best isn't even a shadow of those guys. I bet Johan Cruijff could still easily outplay Beckham and he's 60.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lost in the woods...

Seemed like the last two or three weeks I could do no wrong (well, almost) playing poker but this week...jeez. It is like a dominant pitcher in baseball that loses his release point or arm slot and it all goes to hell...and I guess golfers can relate. Well enough of that as I don't do bad beat stories. On a positive note, the Yankees have been playing like they should as of late and Boston is looking like a deer in the headlights. I went on the Sons of Sam Horn forum last night and the Red Sox fans are starting to get a little twitchy from the heat the Yankees are starting to put on and although the Yankees have the tougher finishing schedule, I still think they will catch them. They have had a definite boost from Phil Hughes coming back and Joba Chamberlain being called up and the pain that I felt when the Sox signed Eric Gagne must have just been something I ate as Gagne has shit the bed on a regular basis since becoming a member of the Red Sox. And as much as they tell you otherwise, the Red Sox and their fans still have an inferiority complex about the Yankees even after the big comeback a few years ago. Arod...the Yankees better resign him as there is no way they would be 4 back now without him. Also, it is a sad day for Yankee fans as Phil 'The Scooter' Rizzuto passed away at the age of 89. I really enjoyed hearing him do the Yankees games on WPIX with Bobby Murcer and Tom Seaver.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Great article

I read a lot of articles in the Economist and although I don't agree with everything that they print, the articles are always well written and interesting. This article hits the nail right on the head and tells all about the rats jumping off a sinking ship. So where were all these rats in 2004 and earlier? When everything was going well for them, you didn't hear a word from any of the rats jumping off the ship now. The article addresses almost every shortcoming, of which there are many, of the Bush administration. Government expansion, cronyism, hiring imcompetents because of their 'idealogical purity', etc. Not too many stones unturned here, and the kind of article that you will never see from the American press because they are too concerned with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Anna Nicole Smith.

Poker on TV

After being in Amsterdam for a little over 2 years, I have been pretty happy with the state of poker on TV here as compared to the Netherlands, where the tvscape was barren. You could watch EPT reruns on Veronica there (never did find out when the first run episodes were on) and that was pretty good but the other shows were total crap. There was some Party Poker sponsored show on with a country vs. country challenge with what started out as one professional from the country with two footballers (soccer for those of you in the US) but it changed midway the river into two professionals and one football player. The whole concept sounds bad and in reality it was even worse. There was another show on where Marcel Luske and Noah Boeken were teaching Dutch celebrities how to play and it was even worse than the previously mentioned show, so it was nice to come back to the US and get to see High Stakes Poker (my favorite), Poker After Dark, World Poker Tour (even though I'm not a big fan of Sexton and Van Patten)and the WSOP, which is pretty cool in HD.

Poker site ID's and data mining

I read a recent article by Lee Jones, the former cardroom manager at Poker Stars, where he stated that because of UIGEA, it was getting harder to make money playing poker online because the main people that it affected were the fish as they were the most easily discouraged and wouldn't go the extra mile and reload. Consequently, less and less bad players were playing and it was getting harder and harder to make money online. He stated that he thought that players should be allowed to change ID's whenever they wanted to avoid showing up as 'fish' on sites such as Sharkscope, Poker Edge, the pokerdb, etc. I think showing up as a shark on there has to have an effect on good players as well and would have to think that it was negative EV wise as it would affect the amount of action that you get. I also think that it is funny that not too long after this article turned up that Poker Stars made an announcement that they were going to prevent data mining of their players by the very sites mentioned above (and any others that I don't know about). Even though, I'm still thinking of changing my ID's on the two sites that I play on and starting with a clean slate, although I haven't read anything about FTP following the Poker Stars lead.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stars $1000+50 SNG

I played my first 1 table SNG tonight on 'Stars and won!! Not great cards by any means but I had some rushes and was able to steal enough blinds, resteal, etc. to win. I just started reading Collin Moshman's Sit 'n Go Strategy, so maybe that helped?!? All while trying to watch a friend do well in the Guaranteed $32,000 on FTP and while talking to my girlfriend who was calling from Munich. I also finally got around to buying my airline ticket to Amsterdam and I'm started to get stoked about going....after 101 degrees here today, mid 60's in A'dam is looking pretty good.

Friday, August 3, 2007

the weekend...finally

What a long, stressful was demanding and I didn't get a great nights sleep since Saturday. Mostly in the one to two hour range as I kept waking up and couldn't go back to sleep. I can see a lot of pool time in my future for this weekend and I have a couple of books to start reading- Professional No Limit Hold 'Em by Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta and Ed Miller, and Your Worst Poker Enemy by Alan Schoonmaker. I have everything that Ed Miller has written and I'm looking forward to reading Your Worst Poker Enemy as I have read good things about it. Recently I have read Read 'Em and Reap by Joe Navarro, which was really excellent and I'm eagerly anticipating putting it to practice the next time that I play live. I'm planning on playing in Amsterdam when I go out in September, both the Tuesday night donkfest tournament and the cash games.