Thursday, July 26, 2007

work stress

I've been pretty tired all week, just new job stress related I guess. It is a lot more responsibility than I originally thought as the owner is trying to get certified to do work for the NC DOT and government wheels grind slowly I'm afraid. It is my responsibility to get this done but I had almost five years with the Department and change is slow there....I played three 45 player SNG's last night on FTP and only got through half the field all three times...drawn out on by calling stations all three times. I use Poker Office and my rating was Tight Aggressive (pre-flop)- Aggressive (post flop) but you can't get some donkeys to fold no matter what. One of the ones that I didn't lose- I pick up pocket 7's in the big blind and make a 4BB raise and I get two callers, UTG+1 and the donkey in the SB with Kd5h! The flop comes 7c5c2c so I make my set. The SB donkey checks and I make a pot sized bet of $390, so UTG+1 folds and the donkey calls with middle pair. I was sure he was going to fold, I guess he must have thought....maybe he could think...that I was on a flush draw with the two clubs and he should call with his middle pair. The turn came 5c which paired the board, made any possible flushes, made his set and filled me up! THE best possible card for me...The donkey CHECKS again and since I have only $960 behind and the pot is already $1170, I push, he calls (and I have him covered as he has $900 behind), the river is a meaningless 3s and he's busted! Well you know what they say about playing trash hands out of position...

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