Sunday, July 15, 2007

so many things to do, so little time....

I had so many things to do today, so I spent 8 hours out at the pool. :-) After coming back in, I did have a profitable 2 hour session at PokerStars on the 25/50 PLO tables with a 20BB/100 rate...way many more donkeys per table than at the NLHE tables. Somebody should really read Rolf Slotboom's PLO book...but that's just my opinion. And hopefully they will not read it and cut into my profits. After that it was back to my epic project of ripping my entire CD collection to the computer so that I can get rid of the CD's....maybe. I'm extremely anal about it and have been using the best tools available- EAC, Plextools and dBPowerAmp's reference ripper along with FLAC but it has taken way longer than I expected. I'm totally ho hum about starting my new job tomorrow but I guess I have gotten lazy from basically not working for the last 6 weeks. With my gf gone until September, maybe it will keep me from getting so bored.

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