Monday, July 23, 2007

Nice weather

The weather here was so nice yesterday and I hung out at the pool for a long while, although I managed to tear myself away for PokerStars Sunday Million. I haven't played it in a while but it has been the main reason that I have padded my bankroll and I cashed again yesterday for $4450.00. I'm going to win it someday!! After that, I played on Full Tilt, where I'm just starting and don't have too much in the account yet. I played a $4 45 player SNG and finished 22nd...go figure! I got involved in a bad hand at the very beginning and made too large of a cbet when a smaller one would have served the same purpose. I was called and fired again on the turn, only to get reraised so I had to give it up. I was so damaged that it was pushmonkey poker from there out and mostly I couldn't get anyone to double me up. I picked up queens UTG and made a huge raise (which pretty much screams jacks or maybe 10's) but I couldn't get a caller. I finally went out on K4o when I got desperate...all in all a good day though.

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